Pneumatic strapping tool for steel strap

The practical tool for steel strap
MAXI is the handy tool for steel strapping with seal joint. Meanwhile in its second generation, MAXI continues to score points for ease of use and intuitive operability.
This is partly due to its low net weight of only This is partly due to its low net weight of only 4.2 kg. Its tubeless design and excellent ergonomics also set it apart in terms of handling. MAXI is designed for light-weight bandages with a strap width of up to 19 mm. .

Despite its compact features, this hand-held tool has a considerable tension force of up to 4,000 N. The preferred areas of application for MAXI are light applications in the steel industry where space is at a premium.
MAXI – light, ergonomic and simply practical!

Technische Daten
Antriebsart Spannen Pneumatic
Spannkraft max. 4,000 N (adjustable)
Antriebsart Verschließen Pneumatic
RS 13 ; 16 ; 19
Bandtransportgeschwindigkeit 0,11 m/s
0.36 ft/s
Abmessungen 320 x 145 x 220 mm (L x B x H)
12.6 x 5.7 x 8.7 in (L x W x H)
Gewicht 4,5 kg
9.9 lb
Luftdruck max. 4,0 bar Fließdruck (für 13 mm Band)
max. 5,0 bar Fließdruck (für 16 mm Band)
max. 6,0 bar Fließdruck (für 19 mm Band)
max. 4.0 bar flow pressure (for 1/2 " strap)
max. 5.0 bar flow pressure (for 5/8 " strap)
max. 6.0 bar flow pressure (for 3/4 " strap)
(beim Spannen)
5 Nl / s
(beim Verschließen)
4 Nl / s
Anschlussquerschnitt G 1/4 "
Handarm Vibration information currently not available
Geräuschpegel 76 dB (A)
Bandtyp Steel strap
Band Automatenband
Bandbreite 13, 16, 19 mm
1/2" ; 5/8" ; 3/4"
Banddicke 0,40 - 0,60 mm (für Automatenband)
0,40 - 0,63 mm (für MEGABAND®)
0.016 - 0.024 in (for Automatenband)
0.016 - 0.025 in (for MEGABAND®)
Verschlussart Seal-joint (single notch)
(abhängig von der Bandqualität, Bandabmessung)
up to approx. 50% of the strap breaking load
Strapping of round and flat packages (e.g. sectional steel, bundles, pipes, coils, etc.) for stationary use.