Packing Steel Strap

Reduced to the essentials – inexpensive and good..
In some application areas, the most cost-effective solution is needed.
For example, if no high demands are placed on the system breaking load. Using savings potentials is the motto when using blank strap. However, you do not have to do without the typical TITAN quality when using blank strap:
Blank strap has a waxed surface that prevents cold welding during processing with hand-held tools and stands thanks to the established rounding as well as its sibling products for minimal risk of injury.
TITAN blank strap is the efficient and at the same time safe choice for short use, for example in wood processing and for building materials

Technische Daten
Abmessungen from 12 x 0,38 mm to 32 x 1,00 mm
from 1/2 x 0.015'' to 1 1/4 x 0.040''
Zugfestigkeit ≥ 600 N/mm2
Bruchlast up to 19,000 N I 4,300 lbf
Bruchdehnung (A5) ≥ 3%
Oberfäche blank: surface like cold rolled strip with rolling emulsions or additional oil/ waxn
zinc plated: on request, waxed
Wicklung ribbon wound
Lieferform skid, frames for jumbo coils, special skids on request
Qualitätsmanagement Our quality management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.