The VS12-L series
As the VS11-L series, also the VS12-L strapping aggregate is either powered electro-pneumatically or 100% electrically. To increase the service availability of our strapping aggregates the drive mechanism of the VS11-L and VS12-L series is identical, except the sealing unit itself which is adopted to the joint technology
With the new VS12-L strapping aggregate range TITAN offers its customers brilliant technical features for load security with steel strapping.
Two versions of VS12-L steel strapping aggregates are available: The VS12-L LD for light-duty applications and the VS12-L HD for heavy-duty applications.
Absolutely unique, strap thickness up to 1.0 mm (0.040") MEGABAND® can be handled with this aggregate

Technische Daten
Antriebsart Electro pneumatic
Spannkraft 1,000 - 10,000 N (adjustable)
Steuerspannung 24 V
400 V ; 460 V
Bandtransportgeschwindigkeit ca. 3,6 m/s bei 0,50 - 0,80 mm Banddicke
appr. 11.8 ft/s with 0.02 - 0.031 in strap thickness
Abmessungen 410 x 450 x 570 mm (L x B x H)
16.1 x 17.7 x 22.4 in (L x W x H)
Gewicht ca. 120 kg
264.5 lb
Gasverbrauch appr. 2 l per seal
(Heiß / Kalt)
Bandtyp Steel strap
Band Automatenband
Bandbreite 13, 16 mm
1/2" ; 5/8"
Banddicke 0,50 - 0,63 mm
0.02 - 0.025 in
Verschlussart TIG welding joint
(abhängig von der Bandqualität, Bandabmessung)
approx. 80 - 90% of the strap breaking load
Expansives Packstück 70 mm
2.8 in
Spaltbandring 80 mm
3.2 in
Sechskantrohrbund 85 mm
3.3 in
Rundes Packstück Ø 400 mm
Ø 15.7 in
Bundling, stacking and securing of packages such as slit coils, sheet packages, structural timber, profile bundles etc.