The T200 series
The electrical plastic strapping head T200 combines modern servo drive control technology with the state of the art proven sealing technique, based on a friction weld joint.
For the drive the strapping aggregate T200 is equipped with robust DC motors which make the application of control voltage of 24 volt possible, and hence the strapping head T200 can be operated with 230 volt.
No couplings are necessary anymore due to the DC motors in the strapping head.
T200 Aggregates have the following special features:
• The standardized modular design system
• A very high rate of availability
• Low operation cost
• Easy to service

Technische Daten
Antriebsart Electric
Spannkraft 200 - 2,500 N (adjustable) Standard
200 - 1,200 N (adjustable) when using small counter-plate
Spannungsversorgung 24 V DC
Stromaufnahme max. 25 A
Leistung max. 600 W
Bandtransportgeschwindigkeit ca. 3,2 m/s
appr. 10.5 ft/s
Abmessungen 560 x 215 x 430 mm (L x B x H)
22.0 x 8.5 x 16.9 in (L x W x H)
Gewicht ca. 60 kg
appr. 132.3 lb
Bandtyp Plastic strap
Band PP
Bandbreite 9, 12, 16 mm
0.354 ; 0.472 in ; 5/8"
Banddicke 0,6 - 0,9 mm
0.024 - 0.035 in
Verschlussart Friction-weld joint
Gerades / Flächiges
125 mm (Standard)
100 mm (bei schmaler Gegenplatte)
4.9 in (Standard)
3.9 in (when using small counter-plate)
Bundling, stacking and securing of packages